Wieviel Nachbarländer hat Kanada?

Eins oder zwei

Das Grenzabkommen zwischen Kanada und Dänemark lässt die Frage der Souveränität der Hans-Insel offen, die mitten auf der Seegrenze zwischen Kanada und Grönland liegt. Je nach Ausgang der Verhandungen könnte auf der Insel eine neue Landgrenze zwischen Kanada und Grönland entstehen.

Hans Island (Greenlandic: Tartupaluk; Inuktitut: ᑕᕐᑐᐸᓗᒃ; French: Île Hans pronounced 
[il ɑ̃]; Danish: Hans Ø) is a small, uninhabited barren[note 1] knoll measuring 1.3 km2 (0.5 sq mi), 1,290 m (4,230 ft) long and 1,199 m (3,934 ft) wide, in the centre of the Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait—the strait that separates Ellesmere Island from northern Greenland and connects Baffin Bay with the Lincoln Sea. Hans Island is the smallest of three islands in Kennedy Channel; the others are Franklin Island and Crozier Island. The strait at this point is 35 kilometres (22 mi) wide, placing the island within the territorial waters of both Canada and Greenland. A theoretical line in the middle of the strait goes through the island.


Negotiations in 2012 between Canada and Denmark, not yet finalized, call for either a condominium or splitting the disputed island’s sovereignty in half.[12][17] If the island were to be split by a boundary, it would create a second land neighbour for Canada and Denmark, each of which currently only has one, with the United States and Germany respectively.
On May 23, 2018, Canada and Denmark announced the creation of a Joint Task Force to determine the boundary between Canada and Greenland, including the fate of Hans Island.[

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