Was haben Usbekistan und Liechtenstein gemeinsam?

Beide Länder sind nur von Binnenländern umgeben

Usbekistan und Liechtenstein sind weltweit die einzigen Staaten, die selbst nur von Binnenstaaten umgeben sind. Im Englischen werden sie daher auch als „double-landlocked“ bezeichnet.

Doubly landlocked country

A landlocked country surrounded by other landlocked countries may be called a “doubly landlocked” country. A person in such a country has to cross at least two borders to reach a coastline.

There are currently two such countries in the world:

  • Liechtenstein in Central Europe
  • Uzbekistan in Central Asia

Uzbekistan has borders with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan that border the landlocked but saltwater Caspian Sea, from which ships can reach the Sea of Azov by using the Volga-Don Canal, and thus the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the oceans.

There was no doubly landlocked country in the world from the 1871 Unification of Germany until the end of World War I. This is because Uzbekistan was part of the Russian Empire; while Liechtenstein bordered Austria-Hungary, which had an Adriatic coast until 1918. Nor was there one from 1938 until the end of WW2, as Nazi Germany had incorporated Austria and Uzbekistan was in the USSR.

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