In welchem europäischem Land hat Englisch Italienisch als Amtssprache abgelöst?

Malta im Jahr 1934

The Maltese language (Maltese: Il-Malti) is the mother tongue of the Maltese people and the official language of Malta, alongside English. Maltese, which is constitutionally the national language, is genetically a Semitic language, descended from Siculo-Arabic (from southern Italy),[63] with substantial borrowing from Sicilian, Italian, a little French, and more recently, and increasingly, English.[64]

The Maltese alphabet consists of 30 letters based on the Latin alphabet, but uses the diacritically altered letter ż (found in Polish), ċ and ġ (comparable to Esperanto ĉ and ĝ), as well as the letters , ħ, and ie, which are unique to Maltese.

Italian was the official language of Malta until 1934, when it was replaced by English and Maltese, thus ending the Language Question. The language still maintains strong ties to the country, and is spoken by the majority of the population as a second language today. Languages of Malta





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